CEO Word

We, at Union Air, are a very fortunate entity to be established in South Sudan where the opportunity for all sectors of business is welcomed and encouraged by the government and the public.
We aim to offer our Elite customers the solutions that best and fit their Travel & business needs.
I would like to extend my appreciation to our Clients who contributed with precision and excellence to enriching our vision at Union Air Limited
I am proud to be part of Union Air Limited and its professional team whose hard work has brought our company amongst market leaders in Regional aviation industry.
Butrus Tor Kuol
Chief Executive Officer
Union Air Ltd


I wanted to leave positive feedback about my experience . The service was excellent.

Keep up the good work.

Rami Mohamed

I appreciate exceptional customer service. Your “best in class” approach does not go unnoticed! It’s good to know you have live reps standing by.

Ahmed Mohamed
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